3D Touch iPhone 7 – How does it Work?

The 3D Touch was released to the public alongside the iPhone 6s last year, thanks to its innovation became one of the most important features of Apple, to the point of comparing with the right click of the mouse thanks to its functionality, however many considered that it was a simple trick to catch the attention of consumers.

Although at first this technology may not have achieved the extent that its developers expected, but soon after, with the advent of the new iPhone models and the arrival of the iOS 10, this technology has advanced, which has greatly changed the experience of using one of these smartphones.

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What is 3d touch iphone

This technology developed by Apple offers users the possibility of using different touches on the screen, to activate 3d touch which will perform different functions, depending on the pressure we exert on the screen of our iPhone, so it is not the same to make a strong or prolonged touch that a light and fast touch.

For this reason if we press the screen harder our mobile device will show us some actions, which are not visible to the naked eye, most of these are very useful shortcuts that will help us save our time, however the 3d touch iphone 6 is only compatible with the iPhone 6s and 7 Plus models only.

Center Control

Some of the functions of this system are very interesting, which has made many users feel attracted to this new tool, for example we can choose the intensity of our flashlight, depending on the way we press our screen, allowing us to choose between a low, medium or high level.

Using the 3D Touch we will also be able to configure the timer of our phone in a very comfortable and easy way, choosing the time we want, we will also be able to use this tool in conjunction with the calculator of our phone, being able to automatically copy the last result of the calculator.

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We can also choose the type of camera we want depending on the strength with which we press the screen of our phone, these include selfie mode, normal mode, video camera and slow motion, which is ideal for when we use applications or social networks and want to publish content.

Trackpad for Android

One of the most attractive factors that the 3D Touch system has, is that it improves and greatly facilitates the task of writing on our phone, because it adds a lot of precision when typing on our keyboard, since we will not have to use the magnifying glass or fight with the screen of our phone to position the cursor where we want it.

To activate Trackpad mode we will only have to press the screen for a few seconds, then automatically the letters and other characters present on our screen will disappear, allowing us to move the cursor in a more comfortable and free way, this is one of the favorite features of most users of this system.

3D Touch iPhone – Accessing System Features Quickly

If you have an application installed on your phone and this has a Widget then you can use them in a simpler way, as we only need to press the screen forcefully, which will make the Widget menu immediately deploy, on the other hand if an application does not have this feature, then we will see a menu of quick actions.

Although this feature can be very useful, it can be a little confusing, because not many Apple applications do not have a Widget or are not compatible with this tool, so the iPhone 3D Touch does not make a big difference on them and we must use these applications the traditional way.

Live Photos Animated

Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 offer us the possibility of taking live or moving photos, as we can activate our camera using this useful option, for that we just have to keep our screen pressed hard for a few seconds.

We will also be able to activate or deactivate the animated block through this useful tool, which will greatly facilitate any task we want to perform what adds versatility to the iOS system.

How to activate peek and pop iphone 6s

Through 3D Touch we can use a new feature known as Peek & Pop or in Spanish look and open, so we can see the content of the application without having to open it completely, which helps us to know if the content within the application can wait or should be attended to immediately.

Iphone 6s peek and pop

Although this feature can only be used with applications that are available with it, some of these are email, text messages, browser, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, at the same time this feature displays in darker letters the most prominent content.

But the Peek & Pop option will not only allow us to see in advance with great ease all the notifications and content that we receive in different applications, but also we will be able to perform some functions, such as replying with a message, for that we will only have to slide our fingers to the right or left.

Finally, we will also be able to change the application we are using in a faster and easier way than we are used to, because we will not have to tap the Home button twice in a row, but we just have to press the left edge of our phone and slide the finger to the right.

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