How to Connect iPhone to TV?

With the advancements in technology, Apple has designed a way to connect our iPhone or iPad to TV, leaving behind the old devices and cumbersome procedures for this adaptation.

Apple offers several methods not only for TV connection but also for connecting these devices to the PC with cable and other options that do not require additional connections or adapters.

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However, if we don’t want to use Apple’s methods, there are many other procedures we can use to meet these adaptation needs.

Some applications are available in the App Store that provide Streaming content for users to enjoy by enabling the AirPlay feature.

This feature helps to display the contents of your iPhone or iPad on our living room screen via Apple TV.

This content cannot be activated by a cable so it is the only method to access the content of these applications. Many users have preferred to use these devices over their laptops because they own almost all of their applications and can perform the same tasks and are easier to move.

As a result, sales of smartphones (not just iPhone devices) have been increasing in recent years, in contrast to laptops, whose sales have been declining without any noticeable change in consumer habits.

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Studies carried out in 2008 showed that 90% of devices presented Internet connections through computers from the Windows operating system, but soon after that same year there was a rapid increase in Internet connections through the Android operating system. This type of user behaviour has been on the rise up to now.

Methods for Connecting iPhone to Cable Free TV

Here is a Mega Guide to TV connections, here are some methods that can help you.

Apple TV

To share the content you’ve collected on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can use the AirPlay protocol designed by Apple to exchange videos, music, or pictures with your TV or music system.

AirPlay does not require cables, but both receiver and transmitter must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Apple TV is used to display the contents of an iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch on TV screens of any type of TV.

This device has been advancing over the years and now allows users to enjoy 4-generation services such as music in Streaming, Netflix, HBO, Hulu and iOS games without having to share or duplicate the screen with them but its function only requires that the corresponding interface has been connected.

The currently used Apple TV 4a Generation offers many features, however, in the case of just looking to display the content of your iOS device on TV, Apple TV 3a Generation is enough to fulfill the task.

The 4th generation has commercially shifted to the 3rd generation, so that only the new devices are seen in the stocks; despite this, on the web we can locate cheaper offers of Apple TV devices of 3rd generation, even affordable through this method.

Apple has 2 Apple TV models on the market today, which vary according to storage capacity:

  • The first model consists of 32GB of storage is available at a price of 179 euros.
  • The second 64GB storage model can be found at 229 euros in Apple Online Store.

This item is officially available in Apple Store Online stores, being absent in the Amazon virtual store, this is because Amazon Streaming video service is not configured in Apple devices, which has been a major reason for the decision not to offer these devices in the virtual store.

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Connecting Mac or PC to TV

Personal computers are also fully compatible to be connected to the latest generation of TVs. If you have a Mac Mini computer connected to the television for multimedia management center work in your home, then you can use the features offered by AirPlay to play content.

To make the Mac computer use these services, you must use applications such as AirServer, Reflector 2, LonelyScreen or 5KPlayer, which are available by various online methods.

  • The first two are offered in online shops as paid software, AirServer has a price of 13.99 Euros, while Reflector 2 is at 14.99 Euros.
  • The remaining 2 options, LonelyScreen and 5KPlayer, are free players, so they can be downloaded from various websites, including their official pages.

With all the applications mentioned above, TV connections can be made from a Mac computer to share content from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices directly to our main room screen without using any cable, intermediary device or adapter.

In addition, not only Mac computers have these functions, but also the Windows operating system family has access to these applications mentioned above.

How to Connect iPhone to TV with Cables

Mac TV connection

If you don’t want to install any extra applications to control AirPlay functions, Apple also has a native application called QuickTime on your computers, which can share content to TV screens and even record what is being streamed on the screen.

To start sharing content, simply connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your Mac via the Lightning cable and then launch the QuickTime application.

Connecting with Lightning Connector to VGA Using Adapter

The new generations offer connectivity to different computers regardless of the restrictions, so an old TV can also connect to our Apple devices without any problem through an adapter Lightning Connector to VGA, which allows you to display the device image to the TV without transmitting the sound.

Both VGA and HDMI connections have a Lightning adapter, but only HDMI transmits audio.

For VGA connections this is not a major problem, since it is possible to connect the Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) to an external headset or speaker, so that it plays the audio while the TV (connected by VGA-Lightning to the device) displays the visual content through its screen.

The Lightning connector with VGA adapter can be purchased from the Apple Store at a price of 59 Euros; it is also available at certain seasons in other online stores such as Amazon.

Connection to HDMI with Lightning’s Official Cable

Connecting to HDMI via the Lightning connector with AV adapter allows us to view our content at up to 1080p resolution, playing it from any Apple device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to HDMI-compatible TV screens.

The adapter has an HDMI input and a Lightning connector with voltage input, allowing the device to charge while the content is being transmitted and keeping it active.

The HDMI connection is more versatile than VGA because it is capable of transmitting audio and at high resolutions, so if you have a TV of new generations it is preferable to use HDMI connections rather than VGA. These adapters can be purchased at any of the online shops and Apple’s official store at a price of 59 Euros.

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