How to Download Youtube Music on iPhone

YouTube is the platform that has concentrated the largest number of visits at present and the largest number of reproductions of music videos.

This is why it has acquired a worldwide reputation and why most of its users use it to listen to music.

Download Youtube Music to iphone

We usually listen to the music and watch the videos consuming the data from our mobile phone but now we are presented with a new way to download the audio from any video to play music on our phones without generating additional consumption.

Download YouTube Music on IOS – MP3

If you want to download music in IOS, the process is not complicated at all. To do this, you only need a computer on which you must have iTunes installed.

Then we enter the browser of our choice and look for the FLVTO. biz page in which we will write the link of the video that interests us to extract the audio we want to download and then be used in our mobile phone.

Once the download has started, we should go to the download folder of our computer since the audio file is downloaded there. Then we can connect the mobile phone to the pc via USB and then open iTunes.

Then click on the iPhone icon and then “file” in the top bar.

music from youtube to iphone

Then select the file we want to send to our iPhone and look in the dropdown menu for the option that says “Add to library”.

This will open the file explorer, then we open the application “Music” on our iPhone will find there the song that we have added and managed to move from the pc to our mobile phone.

Finally, we can enjoy the audio we have downloaded without having to consume data from our plan.

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