How to Know if an iPhone 6 is Original?

In this new decade online shopping became quite popular, so websites like Wallmart, Wallapop or Amazon are quite well known today.

On these sites where any individual can publish content and products in offers, there are sure to be many advertisements of very cheap offers and tendencies that make you take the risk of throwing yourself at them without measuring the consequences that this may represent as a counterfeit product.

Currently there are many tempting offers available on the online shopping websites about selling iPhones, especially with next-generation models like the iPhone 6, quite popular so far.

true or false cell phone

If you have some experience in this type of online shopping, before these offers will always be curious and doubt as to whether what is offered is a forgery. For this reason, there are several tricks to determine if the iPhone on sale is a counterfeit or not, and that you can put into practice at the time of receiving the product, so that any unwanted result can present an immediate complaint and request a refund of your money.

Iphone 6 fake differences

There are 2 types of counterfeits for this type of phones.

  • The first is that which is assembled with obsolete internal parts of an iPhone phone with iOS operating system.
  • The second is the one that simulates Apple’s operating system in appearance, but it is a phone with Android system hidden behind an interface that simulates the iOS.

clon iPhone

In cases of counterfeiting, the latter is usually common, as it is more economical to assemble a phone with a processor and parts compatible with the Android system and then invest some time in development to manipulate the interface and appearance of the icons.

Next we will explain how to know if an iphone 6 is false and which of the two cases we are facing:

First case

If we are faced with the first case of counterfeiting where the parts are actually real and manufactured by Apple under an iOS operating system, then counterfeiting will be more difficult to determine, given that at the physical and processing levels telephones are almost identical.

The great similarity is due to the fact that phones are assembled with contraband parts or removed from old cell phones have been removed for recycling.

In these cases the withdrawn parts of the market are sent to foreign countries, usually China, where certain moral-less companies take the base plates and essential parts of the system and assemble them inside modern housings whose exterior is identical to that of the new iPhone models.

In these cases, even though the phone may seem original, the system is still obsolete, so you can do some tests to prove if it’s fake or not:

  • Test certain applications on the device, open and close application windows, and run operations. If the software responds very slowly, it is proof that the processor and motherboard are old.
  • Check the system’s IMEI code in the system settings information section (Settings > General > Information) and compare it with the IMEI code that appears on the back of the device, if they do not match then the device is definitely false “This is a strong test”.

Second case

In this case it is easier to check counterfeiting because although the exterior and certain aspects such as icons and the display screen are identical to an iPhone, when opening the applications is very noticeable that what runs is an Android system. So you can try to open Siri by pressing the start button or open the App Store.

If the Siri program doesn’t run or if it opens the Google Play Store instead of the App Store, then the phone is a forgery.

The last thing to do if there is still a question of forgery is to log onto Apple’s Warranty Check web site and enter the serial number that is available under Settings > General > Information, if the phone is fake issue an error warning, if it is true then the warranty information will be displayed.

Now you know how to identify a fake iphone 6s, don’t let them give you cat for hare…

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